Junior Djembe-Triangular Braid by Freedom Drums (2 Sizes)

40 cm tri braid 40 cm world braid2 40 cm world braid3

from $43.00

The Triangular Braid Kid’s Series Djembe is a great djembe drum for children of all ages to learn to play. The djembe is an ideal starter drum for learning to play african drums as well as any hand drums, due to it’s range of tones and sounds. rnrn* Sustainably-harvest mahogany heart wood rn* Sanded, rounded, and waxed bearing edge for playing comfortrn* Premium treated Goatskin rn* Non-stretch internally-braided nylon rope rn* Choose from 2 sizes: S Size measures 11”-12” Tall with a 7”-8” overall head, M Size measures 15”-16” Tall with a 8”-9” overall head.

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