February 2012 Photo Submission Contest Winners

All photos were fantastic, but we were able to narrow it down to just two winners. Check out the winners below:

Michael playing his 12” x 7” Kalimantan Djembe :

Greer Holdaway Greer Holdaway2

Mr. Ardrey Playing his 23 × 13 inch Deep-Carved Brown Djembe w/ Fur :

Kehinde Ardrey

Check out the other submissions:

Michelle with her 12 inch Ruby Geometric Pro :

Michelle Carr

Don on the left with his 12 inch Conquering Lion Freedom Pro Series :

Don Davies  Conquering Lion

Zephyr with a 12 inch Duafe and a Mini Djembe :

Zephyr and 2 drums

Zoe with a 12 inch Tribal Faces Djembe :

Zoe Jones

Tammy with a 12 inch Tree Bark Djembe:

Tammy Tenent

Winston and a Red Celestial Djembe Bag :

Winston and a Red Case

Mr. Harris and his 12 inch Painted Vryheid Djembe :

Marcy Harris BF Marcy Harris BF2

Sweet Suzy with a 14 inch Honey Harvest Pro Djembe :

Jessica Hahn My Little Drummer Girl

Brian with his Gold Strap :

Brian Kolins Gold Strap

Sabrina with her 12 inch Natural Chevron Pro :

Sabrina Laitinen

*Kenneth on the right with his 12 inch Deep-Carved Gold Djembe with Fur *

Kenneth McLeod

*Chris with his 12 inch Black Line-Carved Djembe *

Chris Gillins

Mother Rhythm Drums

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