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10" Djembe Drums


10 inch djembe

Last week we talked about the 12 inch djembe, which is characterized by a nice blend of bass and rim tones, and is the most popular middle-of-the-road sized djembe played by adults. Today we’re going to talk about the 10” djembe; its traits and the types of people for which thisdjembe size is ideal.

The 10” djembe is often referred to as an “L” sized djembe on our site, and typically measures 19-20 inches tall with a 11-12 inch overall head diameter (measured from rim to rim) and a 9-10 inch playing surface. We list all 10” djembes on our site like this: 19”-20” x 9”-10”. You’ll often see this measurement listing when using the drop-down menus for each product in order to select the proper djembe size.

The 10” djembe is ideal for young adults or adults with a smaller stature. These drums are also great for class-room settings with young people. The 10” djembe makes a great traveler’s drum because it’s compact and light enough for convenience’s sake, but is still capable of spectacular performance and sound. For those seeking a djembe to play seriously and who wish to learn proper playing skills and technique, the 10” djembe is the smallest size we would recommend going with. The smaller sizes such as the 6 inch djembe and the8 inch djembe are ideal for children age 10 or younger, but are not recommended for those adults or teens wanting to seriously pursue learning to play the djembe.

The 10” djembe is characterized by sharp rim tones and a higher-pitched overall sound. These drums still put out a considerable amount of bass for their size, but do not have as much bass as the 12 inch djembe or the 14” djembe. (Just like a sub woofer, the more the head diameter increases, the more the bass will increase as well). Therefore, if you’re looking for a drum with better than average bass, the 10” djembe is not for you. However, if you’re a person of smaller stature, or simply someone looking for an inexpensive and smaller traveler’s djembe that performs fantastically, the 10” djembe is the perfect choice for you.

With all this said, let’s take a look at what we have to offer in the way of 10” djembes. TheRust Line-Carved Djembe is a great example of a 10” intermediate djembe and an ideal choice for the player on a budget. The World Braid Pro Djembe by Freedom Drums is a great-performing 10” Pro Djembe and an ideal choice for someone looking for pristine performance bundled into a compact size. (Pro Djembes are usually capable of more bass due to the untreated skins and the lateral groove interior carvings ). Another great 10” djembe choice is the Smooth Chocolate Fiberglass Djembe by Freedom Drums . This drum is the ultimate choice for those looking for a light-weight vegan option (if choosing the FiberSkin) who don’t want to sacrifice performance.

Important Tips:

  • A drum’s size shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when picking a drum best-suited for you. Many adults are just as comfortable with the L and XXL sizes as they are with the XL (12” djembe), so don’t take this to mean that if you’re 5’7, you can’t buy an L size. Since every person and every drum is an individual, it’s important to remember that a person’s height does not limit them to only one particular djembe size.
  • Tuning makes all the difference and is highly subjective. One person may find a drum to be tight-sounding, while another may find that it needs to be tuned tighter (see what we mean by tuning here ). Therefore, never expect one 10” drum to sound exactly like the next, many factors other than size make each drum sound unique.
  • NEVER choose the smallest, cheapest drum you can find and expect good results in your playing skill progression. In most cases, you will find that you end up spending more because you’ll have to buy yet another, larger drum after you discover that your smaller drum will not suffice. The 10” djembe is the smallest djembe size we recommend for serious players. Djembes smaller than 10” are an ideal fit for children and typically aren’t considered a serious instrument for adults.

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