Master Mali Series Djembes vs. Intermediate/Basic Pro Series Djembes

African Mali Djembe #3


You’ve probably noticed that our Master Mali Series djembes are quite a step-up in price from our Intermediate and Basic Pro Series djembes. All the

Drum Therapy for Beginners

drum therapy


From the moment of conception, we are exposed to rhythm from the womb via our mother’s heartbeat. Rhythm is a universal, intrinsic part of our

How to Play the Djembe: Striking Position

proper djembe striking position


In many cases, the discussion of proper posture and striking position is often overlooked in favor of teaching the basic djembe rhythms. In order to

8 Great Djembe Memes

Djembe Caution  - Caution: Exposure to drumming may cause sudden outburst of joy, happiness, energy, creativity, awareness, and spontaneous healing! HANDLE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


In keeping with the recent meme craze sweeping the net, we thought we’d compile some memes about djembes, drumming, and rhythm to to help inspire

2012 Bella Fiore Festival


12" x 7" Djembe Demos


Watch Dejahn demo 12” x 7” size djembes of various designs in the video below:

26" x 13" Professional Djembe Demo


Watch Dejahn demonstrate a 26” x 13” size Professional Djembe (Natural Geometric Pro).

16" x 9" Djembe Demos


Watch Dejahn demo 16” x 9” size djembes of various designs in the video below:

10 Quotes About Djembe Drumming and Rhythm


1. “For us personally it’s a way for us to share our own thoughts about the world. It helps us show through music that all

10 Facts About the Djembe


1. The term “djembe” originates from the Bambara saying “Anke djé, anke bé” which translates to “everyone gather together in peace.” 2. The djembe is

How to Reskin or Rehead a Djembe Drum


Watch Gregg Anderson, owner of Mother Rhythm Drums, demonstrate how to reskin a djembe drum. Please note that the skin is soaked in water for

How to Care for a Djembe: Do's and Don't's

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Follow these simple guidelines to prolong the life of your djembe drum: Do’s Do use a drum bag. Bags can prolong the life of your

Didgeridoo for Beginners


The Didgeridoo is a wind instrument originated by indigenous Australians. Although no one can determine its exact age, it’s speculated to have come about approximately

Why Drumming is so important to Humanity


Drumming tears down barriers, and bridges gaps between culture, language, gender, age and race. Provides opportunity for people to congregate who otherwise may not congregate.

Steps to Becoming a Drum Circle Facilitator by Kat Fulton


Watch below as Kat Fulton, certified music therapist, outlines steps to becoming a drum circle facilitator. You can learn more about Kat Fulton and her

What's the Difference Between an Ashiko and a Bougarabou Drum?

traditional-carved ashiko


Aside from the obvious differences in shape, an Ashiko and a Bougarabou will drum have differences in sound as well. Read below to learn the

How to tune a Djembe Drum Using a Pry Bar Tool


Before tuning djembe drums with the Mali Weave, it’s important to remove as much slack from the rope runners as possible. This can be accomplished

Djembes In the Classroom

djembe girls


Djembe drumming is increasingly becoming a classroom activity that encourages team building and community. Hand-drumming has historically been used to communicate across long distances between

The Didgeridoo For Sleep Apnea

painted pvc


Sleep Apnea, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea, is a common sleep disorder in which a person’s breathing momentarily lapses during sleep. These pauses in breath are

The Talking Drum



The talking drum is widely considered to be one of the oldest instruments in West Africa and can be traced back to the Ghana Empire.

Udu Drums (African Clay Jug Drums)

basalt udu


Udu Origin The name Udu stems from Nigerian Igbo language, meaning “pot” or “vessel.” The clay jugs were traditionally used to carry water, however when

Djembe Drumming for Seniors


The djembe is quite possibly one of the most versatile instruments around. Not only can it span music genres, but the act of djembe drumming

Kids' Djembes: Rhythm at All Ages

mini djembe


The all-inclusive energy of drumming and drum circles is what prompts many to pick up their first djembe. Hand drums like djembes are a great

Djembe Weight


When looking for a djembe online, you might notice that specs like size and materials are the primary focus and often the weight of each

The Best Beginner Djembe


In the market for your first djembe but feeling a bit overwhelmed as to where to begin? When confronted with all the sizes, styles, and

Djembe Rope-The Importance of Quality

good vs  bad rope thickness


We’ve said it before, but we can’t stress it enough; quality rope is an essential component of a great-sounding rope-tuned djembe drum. The rope determines

Didgeridoos: PVC vs. Bamboo



Wondering which material to choose when it comes to didgeridoo construction? Well if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford an expensive eucalyptus, or

Djembe Drum Heads: Goat Skin vs. Synthetic Skin


Wondering which type of skin to choose for your djembe drum? Mother Rhythm Drums offers both traditional, authentic goat skin djembe drums, and modern synthetic

7 Easy Tips to Help You Select a Djembe


With so many options out there, selecting a djembe drum best suited for you can be an overwhelming task. The 7 tips below will help

Wooden vs. Fiberglass Djembe Drum Bass


Historically, djembe drums shells have been made of one-piece construction log wood. However, as global wood supplies continue to shrink, particularly of sufficient diameter to


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